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The Palmetto Trail’s Eastatoe Passage

Eastatoe Zeke Bridge

The Eastatoe Passage, located in Pickens County, was created in partnership with SC Department of Natural Resources and SC Parks, Recreation and Tourism, Duke Energy, and the Naturaland Trust. The passage provides access for hiking, birdwatching, and excellent trout fishing,…

Secrets of a Seasoned Camper

Secrets of a Seasoned Camper

We’ll let you in on a secret. Long-time campers know that the best way to learn about camping is by living the experience first-hand – good old-fashioned trial and sometimes error. For those having mastered certain camping skills, they become…

SC Fishing – A Year-Round Activity

SC Fishing - A Year-Round Activity

Fishing is a major outdoor activity in South Carolina. Visitors may think of fishing as an activity only to be enjoyed while vacationing along the coastal Grand Strand, however, the state’s many rivers and lakes provide ample opportunities year-round. Options…

Camping Etiquette

Camping Etiquette

For those who’ve camped for a long time, the recommendations below may seem a bit obvious, so please accept this writer’s apologies. Below, find the basics of camping etiquette and realize that these aren’t suggestions. Penalties for noncompliance can include…

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