Mikaela Groomes

Mikaela Groomes

Hello! I am the South Carolina State Parks Marketing Coordinator and the SCNBTA advisor for South Carolina Parks Recreation and Tourism. I also help create the newsletter for SCNBTA so feel free to email me with content at mgroomes@scprt.com!

Beat the Heat: Stay Cool and Safe in South Carolina

SC Riverkeepers Key to Outdoor Recreation

As summer humidity and temperatures soar, enjoying the great outdoors comes with its own set of challenges. While South Carolina offers breathtaking natural beauty and exciting recreational activities, it’s crucial to stay safe and beat the heat during the sweltering summer…

Meet our Team

At the heart of the South Carolina Nature-Based Tourism Association (SCNBTA) lies a commitment to education, collaboration, and the conservation of our state's rich natural and cultural resources. Our board members and newly elected officers are excited to steer the way for nature-based tourism in South Carolina!

September 2023 Workshop

On September 12, 2023, Capital City/Lake Murray Country and Thoroughbred Country hosted a workshop at the Capital City Lake Murray Country Visitor Center in Columbia, SC.   The day began with speaker Jay Keck, the SC Wildlife Federation’s Industry Habitat…

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