Eudora Wildlife Safari Park

219 Salem Lane, Salley SC 29137
Phone: (803) 606-6325

Eudora Wildlife Safari Park is a three-mile drive-thru safari park located in Salley, South Carolina. Home to more than 200 exotic animals, the safari park provides an educational and conservation-minded experience where the public is able to view and feed exotic animals from around the world from the comfort of their own vehicles. Also on the property is an enclosed petting zoo, along with a Parakeet Adventure where over 200 parakeets make their dwelling.  Plans for a safari expansion are underway, including the development of a walking trail with several different attractions. Walking along this leisurely trail, guests will have the opportunity to see ring-tailed lemurs, African servals, binturongs, a tortoise, and kangaroos. The park offers a fun and enjoyable experience for guests of every age.

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