On Purpose Adventure & Team Building

On Purpose Adventures & Team Building

Charleston, SC
Phone: (843) 580-3757

On Purpose Adventures & Team Building believes the body craves adventure and the soul needs purpose. As the premiere adventure event planner and team builder in South Carolina, we supply both.

We offer experiences that challenge and encourage team building. We do this through bonding experiences, such as scavenger hunts, portable escape rooms, games and gamified training. Ideally we work with groups outdoors; however we have virtual and hybrid options as well.

Our present focus is helping companies keeping their remote and hybrid workforces productive and engaged.

Additionally, we can organize fundraising events, customized activities and executive retreats. We create creative experiences and memories with an adventurous twist. Stretching the limits of your comfort zone or improving teamwork and communication are quick examples of what’s possible with our service.

“OPA truly helped to make our global summit a massive success. The positive feedback we received from the group was overwhelming. I have no hesitation when saying it was the definitive highlight of the week. The impact of what OPA does has gone so far beyond our summit. There are people that were teamed up who work a few desks away from one another in the same building and never really had much of a conversation. Since our Scavenger Hunt, the lines of communication and sense of camaraderie have vastly improved. This even goes for folks who work half a world away – conference calls with our peers are a bit more jovial now that we’ve had the chance to get to know one another in such a fun and dynamic way. Aside from the actual ‘Hunt’, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention what an absolute delight it was to work with Ben-Jamin. It’s hard to organize an activity for 60+ people and *hope* that all goes according to plan. I couldn’t get over how well organized the process was from the initial planning conversations with him all the way through the wrap up. And the fudge! Everyone loved the fudge. Seriously, you took a huge burden off my shoulders. A million times over THANK YOU to OPA and Ben-Jamin for an incredible experience!”

Ashley Curcio, Manager, CISCO Systems

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